Sorry for my absence tumblr faithful!

Hey all, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much lately. Between football (currently ranked #2 in the country) and school (trying to do a three-peat on knocking down straight As) I have had no time to get out and shoot :(. I’ve been itching to get out and my new $1,200 piece of equipment is taunting me to be given a landscape run…. For now I’ll dig up some stuff I haven’t posted yet and give it a go!

Cheers for now, and Go Cats!

So I fully expect a tumblr cheering section at the first game

Just throwing this out there for all of my tumblin Bozemanites/Montanans, that I fully expect a cheering section at the first game of Montana State vs. Chadron. 

Cheer loud for big #64 (that’s me for all you people that didn’t know haha). Tell all your tumblin friends!

(Source: peak-photography)

My queue is set and I’m off!

Hey trusty followers, just letting you guys know that I’m off to go guide a trip in Yellowstone tomorrow. It was last minute notice so I won’t be going to Glacier. But this is big bucks we’re talking and half of it is going into the Andy needs a new camera fund. 

I’ll still be checking in and answering questions from my phone at night, and if I have wifi I’ll throw a few Yellowstone pics on. But my queue is set to post 2 shots a night until I get back!

Cheers and happy shooting

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