Anonymous asked:
So confused. I thought you were married to that blonde girl. Did you not purpose at a football game?

Wrong large football player… that was my best friend.

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever live anyone besides Montana?

Well actually I’m living in Jackson, WY this summer ha.

When two dreams collide

My passion for adventure and photography has finally reached a collision. This summer I’ll be guiding in the Tetons and Yellowstone, and while I’ll be taking a few shots I probably won’t be posting much. If I had known guiding would probably kill my business I probably would have passed. 

I’ll post from time to time, but for now I think this is good bye my friends. Thank you for being on this journey with me, I’ll miss all 3,321 of you!

Anonymous asked:
What made you start traveling around world and how did you do it?

I’ve been traveling all my life, but for the past 12 years I’ve devoted my life to football. Now that I’ve graduated from college I feel like I have some catching up to do! The way I’m currently doing it is by working my way around the world as a photographer. Between paid shoots and trading my photography skills for trips I’ve found ways to travel often. Obviously it’s not quite a vacation and it’s a lot of work, but nothing I’d rather be doing.

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